Chalke Valley History Festival

As a part of the team Bournemouth University dispatched, I was lucky enough to cover the Chalke Valley History Festival this year. Whilst working on many projects including, talks, panels, interviews, documentaries, dramatisations and promotional content. The highlight was perhaps my work with James Holland, the co-founder of the festival and renowned historian.   […]

Heart of the Matter

Bournemouth University Documentary Unit (2016) Video begins at 0.30 after Title card.

Instagram Selects 2

Wildlife Selects 2

A selection of nature shots.

Bournemouth Beach 2

I set out with Aide Gomez Miguelez again to capture some more of Bournemouth’s iconic seaside features.    

Poole Maritime Festival

In conjunction with the European Maritime Day and Festival, a small team and I have been working on a promotional campaign for Airports situated in the south of the UK. This year’s destination, Poole was the focus of our efforts. The Video below was a collaboration between myself and Will Pattenden. My photography makes up […]

Valentines Day

For Valentines Day this year, I have taken a few photographs of roses to capture the mood of the celebration.  

Bournemouth Beach 1

On Sunday the 22nd of January, Aide Gomez Miguelez and I visited the main beachfront at Bournemouth during the morning. The light did not last long and changed rapidly, and the shoot suffered further from the cold wind, affecting my ability slightly, to fiddle with lens changes and adjustments to the tripod. Fortunately a small number of […]

Aim to Fly

An interactive documentary focusing on the company Aim to Fly and it’s brainchild Mel Stevens. For this project I took on the role of sound recordist for the duration we were with Mel. What worked particularly well was the recordings devoted to capturing a soundscape of Mel on her silks for the website. This first […]

Instagram Selects 1

Depicted below are a selection of Instagram photographs, from my own Instagram page. The account is mainly used to depict individual images which do not necessarily fit together as a cluster or theme.

Wildlife Selects 1

In Bournemouth last summer, I had taken a series of photos of a small pond and the wildlife which inhabit it. The resident Mallard species of duck were quite used to humans and after a short time were comfortable with me getting quite close, despite the ducklings present.

PSN Building

PSN Building, a construction company based in Ruislip, Greater London, recently asked me to take a selection of photographs of two properties which have undergone renovations and extensions, undertaken by the company. Below is a selection of material captured from the shoot. The pictures of properties are split according to which property they belong to. […]

Guy Fawkes Night

For Guy Fawkes night this year (2016) I visited the event taking place on the coast at Christchurch. After travelling with a group from my university I was able to take some shots of the central bonfire and fireworks display. The Bonfire was easily the most interesting subject at the event, but the fireworks display […]