Canon’s New Releases & Is photography becoming even more accessible?

Canon is due to release two brand new additions to its EOS range in April, the 800D and 77D. The Cameras will be utilising the latest generation of technology Canon incorporates into its DSLR line, as reported by Amateur Photographer.

Continuing their trend of separating devices by customers levels of skill, the 800D will be targeted at beginners and 77D at the enthusiast. Both of which are available to preorder from Canon’s website currently. (Or click the links at the top to go to directly to each cameras page).

I am excited to get my hands on the new 77D, as a means of upgrading from my current 600D without breaking the bank like a 5D Iv or 5DS R might do. Though I do wish to step up from the beginner tier towards the enthusiast range of cameras.

A particular feature of the new releases is the increased level of accessibility within the user interface. Aspects of the cameras shooting styles are clearly explained and detailed on the LCD display. This provides the opportunity for the beginner level of photographer to perhaps get to grips quicker with features more often utilised by the enthusiasts and professionals.

This leads me on to another topic within this post, which is perhaps best summed up by Tony & Chelsea Northrup’s video ‘Are Pro Photographers going extinct?’.

I recommend not only watching but subscribing to the channel. The video covers a great deal of different aspects of the industry and its changing nature.

Particularly the notion that as people have more access to the technology that professionals have, there will be more of an appreciation for the skill that goes into the best photos out there.

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