European Maritime Day: Follow Up Trip

Anyone who may have stumbled onto my site might have previously read the Blog post covering a trip to Pool for Maritime Day, or seen my Portfolio entry of examples of different designs submitted for Poole Maritime Day’s Promotional campaigns.

Subsequently, the initial trip proved to not be enough for what we needed and a second trip was organised where we encountered much more favourable weather and eventually gained the images which would be used in both variants of submission (For Bristol and Southampton Airports: a 1080×1920 Portrait, static Jpeg design and moving image design with various elements. For Exeter, a landscape variant).

Will and Chris made a return, repeating the same combination on the previous trip.

As luck would have it with the weather, we would also gain the photographs utilised in our efforts for the promotional campaign that day. Click Here to see the relevant portfolio.


(Example of photo utilised for campaign, after being taken through Adobe Creative Suite Software)

There was plenty of material gathered however, which was prepared to be used if the client was unhappy with our current design.

The weather was decent enough that day that we decided to stay a bit longer to get photographs purely for the enjoyment and practise alongside the professional brief.

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