To The Skies: An effort in Lightroom & Photoshop.

I have been taking advantage of the good weather on the south coast this weekend to experiment within my Adobe Programs; Lightroom and Photoshop. Specifically one of my favourite ‘subjects’ to capture: Clouds in the sky.

‘Planet in the Clouds’ (T.J.Nicholas, 2017)

Creative Commons License This work, “Planet in the Clouds“, is a derivative of “Ancient Mars” by Ittiz, used under CC-BY-SA-3.0. “Planet in the Clouds” is licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0 by T.J.Nicholas.

This composition was made by taking a photograph of the skies over Bournemouth and then proceeding to run it through Lightroom and Photoshop.


After experimenting in Lightroom with chiefly the contrast, vibrancy and clarity, the resultant image had a very space-like feel.


Later in Photoshop this ancient visualisation of our ‘red’ planetary neighbour was added to the composition. To serve as an alien-esque, exo-planet.


Creative Commons License (‘AncientMars‘ by  ‘Ittiz‘ is Licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0)

The planet was first transported into my composition then scaled, rotated, faded, blended then finally masked behind a selection of the luminescent cloud wisps. Which resulted in the final image:


Here are some of the other, less fruitful endeavours, from my sky focused photography:

European Maritime Day: Follow Up Trip

Anyone who may have stumbled onto my site might have previously read the Blog post covering a trip to Pool for Maritime Day, or seen my Portfolio entry of examples of different designs submitted for Poole Maritime Day’s Promotional campaigns.

Subsequently, the initial trip proved to not be enough for what we needed and a second trip was organised where we encountered much more favourable weather and eventually gained the images which would be used in both variants of submission (For Bristol and Southampton Airports: a 1080×1920 Portrait, static Jpeg design and moving image design with various elements. For Exeter, a landscape variant).

Will and Chris made a return, repeating the same combination on the previous trip.

As luck would have it with the weather, we would also gain the photographs utilised in our efforts for the promotional campaign that day. Click Here to see the relevant portfolio.


(Example of photo utilised for campaign, after being taken through Adobe Creative Suite Software)

There was plenty of material gathered however, which was prepared to be used if the client was unhappy with our current design.

The weather was decent enough that day that we decided to stay a bit longer to get photographs purely for the enjoyment and practise alongside the professional brief.

European Maritime Day: Scouring Poole for shots to come.

On the 20th of February Chris Sutton, Will Pattenden and myself travelled to Poole Harbour to investigate the location we plan to shoot in, for the upcoming European Maritime Day and associated festivals/events.

20/02/2017,  T.J.Nicholas

On Monday the 20th of February I set off with two of my fellow Bournemouth University students, Chris Sutton and William Pattenden to explore Poole harbour in preparation for the European Maritime Day. Which will be taking place in mid May of this year.

Left: Will. Right: Chris.

The event will be “celebrating Poole and Dorset’s local maritime heritage and environment.” As such we want to present Poole in a positive and welcoming place to visit. Ensuring our media content matches this tone is our primary goal.

20/02/2017, T.J.Nicholas

Ideally we were looking for permanent features which looked particularly photogenic, with a mind to return in better conditions and with higher end gear than we currently possess (Canon 650D/600D). The promotional campaign will be presented in nearby airports and as such we want to represent ourselves and the client with the best equipment we can access.

20/02/2017, T.J.Nicholas


Having identified a number of potential fixtures, we lamented the temperamental weather conditions which would rarely stay sunny for long. The group persisted with the exploration of the area. Going beyond looking exclusively for Maritime Day, but also for general photography as each of us are enthusiasts.

If there was more time available we would of considered having dinner in one of the seafronts many eateries, all of which looked appealing. Perhaps next time.

Click here to see the follow up trip.