In Search of Sounds: Bournemouth Lower Gardens

In my search for locations with distinct sounds for one of my current university projects, I experiment with the kinds of sounds heard early in the morning at Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens.

18/02/17 A. Lundberg

Saturday 18th February. Early morning. Whilst searching for locations which would be suitable to gather sounds from, I began to experiment with sounds I could hear around me in the gardens. Considering how I might best record them.

The picture presented above shows myself getting in close to the running stream. I started listening to the bubbling sounds that trickled down the rocks in stereo; which whilst wearing headphones, became almost hypnotic in the calm of dawn. Before the town had come to life.

I then practiced moving the recorder up and down the water flowing over rocks. Imitating a dynamic progression of sorts where the water would flow up to the drop, building in volume before returning to the calm stream.

The exercise has pinpointed the location for naturalistic sounds in the heart of Bournemouth town, providing that you arrive early enough. It has also given me an opportunity to put into practise some of the approaches being taught my sound lecturers at Bournemouth University.